Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Anxious uncertainty; unforeseeable future

Identity crises- it is real and legitimate, you all. I repeat, it is real. As long as I am aware I have been suffering from identity crisis for WELL over a year now and it absolutely sucks. Everyday, you wake up and there is at least one moment that you think to yourself: who am I? what am I supposed to be? It took me more than 8 months to come back to this blog and decide what I should talk about because I felt like the past few posts I just did just so I have some content on here; typing this blog post took me more than 10, 11 tries because I simply did not know what to talk about. It's a struggle. Not to mention the frequent anxiety and depression that comes with it- it hits you like a truck. It's absolutely crazy I know because some people simply think that you're just being sensitive and overdramatic and immature.

During the past 8 months of being gone, I've been doing some thinking. A LOT of thinking. But frankly, it didn't really get me anywhere since I still do not know what I should be doing in life; in my studies, post graduation or in the future. It just seems...so bleak? 8 months absolutely whizzed by and two years later I will be a Fashion Technology graduate. Darn.

Whilst being gone I've been trying some things I like (haven't reached the stage of love or with mad passion though) e.g. photography, gym and being healthy and all that, and just simply enjoying life. Here's a little throwback to September, when days were longer and my skin was tanner.

If you are currently suffering from or have suffered from identity crisis, I feel for you deeply. And I hope that one day, we both will get out from this. Oh, and if you came from Instagram- hello! I really appreciate it. And I hope you'll come back for my next blog post!

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