Sunday, 9 April 2017


Currently laughing at myself right now because this post was originally scheduled to go up on my birthday which was 2-3 weeks ago. Anyways.

When I was about 14 or 15 I dreamt of the day of becoming 18 and beyond. I thought about it every single day and I could not wait till the day I become a legal adult. Now being 20 years old, I think the reality hits (real hard) and wow, time really does fly, especially when your life gets busy and things don't go the way as you would like them to.

19 was a year of growing and accepting things and standing up for myself. I no longer have the time and patience for unnecessary drama and people. It wasn't all positive though. I lost friends who I thought would last forever but things don't always work out. Being a people-orientated person I found it so hard at the beginning but it is life and shit happens. You are going to find better people. Most importantly it made me see the ones who were always there regardless. 19 was also a year of giving less fucks because nobody was born to please anyone. Your classmates, friends, family, closed ones. Sure, there are boundaries, but if pleasing them makes you so unhappy? Stop it right now. Perhaps it's the way that I was brought up with, I sometimes struggle with my identity (not sexuality, though) and hello?? Why am I here on this Earth? Many times in my life I failed to stand up for myself and I would always have this immature and unrealistic mindset. If you have an extremely protective and traditional family I am sure you would understand what I am saying. I am slowly getting out of my poor old habits and mindset and perhaps things will get better. Sometimes you just have to do it on your own, with your own ways.

After leaving the UK I returned to back to HK for further studies, which I totally got and still get mixed feelings about- WHY? Is it worth it? What does HK have to offer?? However sometimes the most risky decisions are the best decisions. Upon returning to HK I have met a lot of new friends and some important people in my life. I would say I grew up the most when I returned and it is kind of a relief to me. I just hope I won't get bored of this city too quickly again. Being a creative individual you will always have this urge to move around or else everything becomes uninteresting and you would lose motivation very quickly.

For my 20th birthday, I celebrated early with my uni friends since it was on a Monday. We went to this local hotpot place and literally stuffed our mouths and had a great night out. I also went to Cheung Chau for the first time ever, in my life. I would say I had the best birthday weekend ever and I am truly blessed.

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