Wednesday, 5 April 2017


One simply does not say no to happy hour drinks. A while ago my friend and I ventured into the ever so hipster Peel Street and went into this beer bar, translated into 'so fucking good' in Chinese and boy, let me tell you, it is fucking good. Located in Soho, what 65 Peel/ Ho Lun Jeng offers is not only 12 local brews on tap plus craft beers from Japan, Taiwan, Canada and so forth, but also top-notch bar foods (scroll down!) and extremely cool interiors-- 'industrial chic', shall we say?

Bar foods are always good as their small portions mean that we can try a lot without sacrificing our waistlines. I would say though, I let prettyyyyy full. Here we have the Snow Crab Cake, Lobster roll, Fried chicken and beer flight. I would say that the lobster roll and fried chicken are a must-have and if you are a first-timer at this place, the beer flight is the way to go!

Go give it a try!

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