Monday, 23 January 2017


Spotted this cold-pressed juice store in Osaka and decided to give it a try! I am definitely not a health freak and I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but this one with kiwi and pineapple sounded yum, so I figured out why not?! 

Like any other cold-pressed juices, it was a bit more expensive than fruit/ veg. beverages you would have normally.  It also turned out a bit too sweet to my liking, so if you don't have a massive sweet tooth, go with other choices like their green juices!

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Sunday, 22 January 2017


Well hello! Life has been hectic as of late. Since my last blog post I was busy with school and other commitments.  Finals did not end until 20th Dec which left me just enough time to get into the Christmas spirit and start my Christmas shopping. Oh, and let's not forget the gatherings. The last few weeks of Semester 1 totally took a toll on my body and so, I did actually crashed in bed for a few days and caught up with my favourite drama series (any recommendations, by the way?). Not guilty. Then came Christmas and New Years Eve, which I am so grateful to have spent with my loved and close ones; friends and family. Days between 25th and 31st absolutely flew by and I can't completely remember too well what had happened between those days. 

Perhaps a bit of visual aid would help. I decided to look back into my photos on my phone and below are some of the things which I have been up to during that time. Enjoy!

Christmas lights at Lee Gardens with my friend, Loren.

Mood board for my first design assignment. I think I spent more time on this board rather than the actual sketchbook with research/ developments and the portfolio. Let's just say, working at the last minute was not great, at all. I pulled off at least 4 days of all nighters and by the time I handed in my last assignment, I absolutely crashed. Caffeine did no help at all and if you ask me for the best advice I can give? DON'T be me.

Dinner to celebrate the end of Semester 1! I still had an exam so it wasn't officially semester break for me yet.

A few of my favourite things: velvet and faux fur.

OMG and these glasses.

Birthday drinks at Fulushou, a rooftop bar located in Hollywood Road, Central. It has became one of my favourite places to visit now- great vibes and drinks. Totally Instagram worthy too!

And yes, as you can see I am quite obsessed with this velvet dress.

Bar-hopping- Wolfmarket!

Rooftopping sessions. Oh my god, how many times have I even worn this dress?!

With my uni friends Heidi and Kelvin, dorkiest human beings you will ever meet. And yes, we did a dress-code thing if you haven't noticed.

On my way to my Textiles exam. Rather than focusing on reading my notes I took pictures. Priorities??

Fendirumis at Fendi, Landmark. I don't know what's cuter, Fendirumis, or my fam?!

Don't know what I was laughing at, probably my friend's socks.

Super yum sushi at Yamataka in Wanchai. Reservations have to be made online but It's totally worth the time and money! I could probably eat this all day everyday (probably not because #diet).

Last minute Christmas shopping.

OOTD for Christmas night.

Bodysuit: Forever 21
Top: H&M
Trousers: Zara
Jacket: Dad's
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Bershka
Accessories: Michael Kors, Alexander McQueen
Lipstick: MAC retro rouge

Major chill vibes from this photo. Haha. My friend and I end up going nowhere after Christmas dinner. Think we had a bit too much to drink.

Christmas in Hong Kong really wasn't cold at all?! It felt more like late summer rather than winter. And yeah, the highlight you can see is probably sweat.

Guess what, more rooftopping. Conquered my fear and climbed onto this ledge. Don't be fooled by my smile. I was probably screaming inside and shitting myself out.

Night out on New Years Eve! So glad I got to spend it with these peeps, especially one of my closest childhood friends!

Meet my new friend, Ben the cone.

Jokes. He does look quite photogenic though, not gonna lie.

The night my friend and I bought a TUB of ice-cream. Typical?! Totally.

Days after NYE. I felt shit and was bored. I decided makeup and chocolates would make me feel a bit better...

Sending my friend, Nene off to London for his uni exchange!

Barbeque/ Hiking day to Tai Tam.

With Emily, one of the most talented friends I have! Known her since primary school and I'm glad we still keep in touch! I will be posting more of her works on this platform and my Instagram account soon. Below is one of them.

Guess what, I had to pay another visit to this rooftop bar again.

Dinner at 65 Peel/ Ho Lun Jeng. Their food and aesthetics are on point! (on point as in: totally my kinda thang).

With my uni friend, Nigel.

Yanno you're forever a city/ hk girl when you have one of these flags with you. Jokes, my friend actually bought this *rolls eyes*.

Dinner at 65 Peel: fried chicken, crab cake, lobster roll and beer flight.

So yeah, this is pretty much how my life has been up to till early January. A lot has been happening these few weeks too so I guess I would type another one soon to keep you guys updated!

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