Sunday, 11 September 2016


I have only been to Japan once and that was almost 8 years ago- more or less. 8 years later I finally got to visit Japan again, but this time in Osaka.

Japan is also famous for their fresh and top-notch sushi/ sashimi and as a big Japanese food lover I had to visit the Kuromon Ichiba Market, also known as 'Osaka's Kitchen'.

We arrived there by taxi however it is only around 2-3 minutes walk from the Nippombashi Station and is is pretty easy to spot with the big black and red signs.

We stopped by a stall to have some lunch. I ordered their Fatty Tuna Rice Bowl. It is a bit weird thinking that you are in fact eating raw fish, also the tuna was cut too thickly for my taste, so I think that definitely put me off just a tiny bit. Nonetheless it was very fresh and would definitely recommend if you are a big tuna lover.

Sea urchin/ uni. I know many people are a big fan of this but sadly not me as I sometimes find the taste and texture a little bit too overwhelming. 

I saw this old man grilling scallops- was very tempted to try but got way too full from the rice bowl and uni etc.

Bought a few packets of dried mangoes and peach from this dried fruits stall.

Takoyaki in the making.

I don't always have a sweet tooth but guys, this mochi is the We ended up getting another box of mochi because it is that good.

Saw these cute little octopus- there's actually quail eggs inside of them.

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