Thursday, 28 July 2016


Sub-Aqua, how do I even define it? Trust me, I had quite a hard time deciding what it was even after looking at numerous dictionary definitions and countless hours of 'googling'. However upon looking at those 10 topics that I could choose from, my instinct told me to go for this somehow familiar, yet not so much topic.

After weeks and weeks of research, sampling, designing, not to mention weekends that I have basically 'lived' in the Design Block, and 15 hours of pure concentration, high-stress levels and mini heart-attacks because you know, things just won't work out at times when you need them to work the most, I have finally constructed a garment that I am proud to say that I am pleased with, at least for now.

To see more about Sub-Aqua and the final design, please visit my portfolio website

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