Thursday, 28 July 2016


Sub-Aqua, how do I even define it? Trust me, I had quite a hard time deciding what it was even after looking at numerous dictionary definitions and countless hours of 'googling'. However upon looking at those 10 topics that I could choose from, my instinct told me to go for this somehow familiar, yet not so much topic.

After weeks and weeks of research, sampling, designing, not to mention weekends that I have basically 'lived' in the Design Block, and 15 hours of pure concentration, high-stress levels and mini heart-attacks because you know, things just won't work out at times when you need them to work the most, I have finally constructed a garment that I am proud to say that I am pleased with, at least for now.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Like many, I am an indecisive person, and it certainly does annoy some people. I am indecisive because I like to consider the costs/ benefits of each action and decision; I am indecisive, but I know what I like and what I don't.

When I was told I could choose my own topic for an upcoming project, my initial reaction was: 'um, ok. another decision i have to make. GREAT.' As you can tell already I absolutely hate making decisions. I thought about every possible topics that I could work on but it wasn't long until I decided on Architectural Structures.

It is a topic that I relate to well. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and I can tell you that no, New York is not the only concrete jungle. I have been surrounded by buildings for 19 years. I love buildings. I take pictures of buildings. I post pictures of buildings on Instagram. I knew I had to do this topic.

In recent years, Minimalism has also been quite a trend in the fashion industry. I totally agree and love the idea and the styling/ editorials, and it constantly reminding people that sometimes, less is more, and to choose quality over quantity. Hence I thought it was a nice idea to add this fashion trend on top of Architectural Structures.

Lookbook for Architectural Structures/ Minimalism coming very soon! 

To see the full story, more photos and a full description of my design, please visit my portfolio website

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*All images and work are my own. Please do not use, replicate or repost without permission.

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Thursday, 14 July 2016


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Definitely a long overdue post on this blog and my visit to Art Central:

So, let's start with a bit of life update. Life is ok, good, as usual. I finished my exams and officially graduated in high/ secondary school. It's been about 2 weeks but I don't think everything has really sunk in. The fact that I have left a place where I spent 5 years studying abroad is a bit strange; I think everything happened a bit too fast in the midst of exams, packing and writing thank you cards/ letters.

Anyways, as I am typing this post I am currently in Osaka, Japan, starting my very first summer holiday trip.

EDIT: okay so I was half-way through just starting this blog post but then it was late at night and my mum was asleep. Awkward timings.

Let's continue. So as I was saying I was on holiday in Osaka and I returned back to Hong Kong yesterday night. I've only been to Japan once and never been to Osaka so this trip is definitely something to remember. I have quite a lot of content prepared and will be on its way to this blog in the coming few weeks! Will be updating this blog more frequently now since it's the Summer holiday so keep your pretty eyes peeled!

Okay. Life update- checked. Onto another topic.

I've always wanted to visit Art Basel/ Central (just to see what it's about) but they always happened during dates where I was not in Hong Kong. This year however, I was on time to make it to both of the events so of course I was very excited. I decided to go to Art Central instead - it was easier to get tickets plus they had plenty of activities going on. Definitely worth a go!