Thursday, 5 May 2016


I love Sham Shui Po. As a fashion textiles student, I have to always source fabrics/ materials myself. My school does provide me a lot of resources- more than I'll ever need. However, sometimes I do prefer seeing fabrics/ materials in real life/ person and buying them myself.

Lucky for me, whenever I break up for holidays I always go back to Hong Kong. Now what I'm about to say is quite contradictory/ confusing. 
To me, Sham Shui Po is like a hidden gem in Hong Kong. Some people may find it usual and completely normal as it is quite a popular place to buy electronics/ fabrics/ vintage, old stuff- a lot of mishmash in general.

However, before I studied Fashion Textiles Sham Shui Po is a place that I really never knew much about, let alone going there. 
Now, I can tell there that I've been there for a good few times and honestly it's like the best place on earth (especially in times of emergency when I don't have time to source my materials online/ other places). So, if you're a fashion student and/ or planning to visit Hong Kong, you must go to Sham Shui Po. (p.s. also a great place to practice street photography! I've done that a few times already!)

Also, I'm currently back in HK! Sadly, this time I'm here for an interview and not a holiday (yet). Nonetheless, I'm hoping to make the most of my 'trip'!

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