Sunday, 13 September 2015


School has officially started for me and of course I'm shifting my priorities a little bit. I missed last week's post because you know, I have to take some time off and enjoy my last week of summer. Not to mention that I'm lacking so much creative juices and motivation right now it's actually getting a bit depressing (oh man). Three-hundred-and-something more days until Summer.

 For me, Summer is always the perfect excuse/ reason for travelling because 1.) it's kind of like a family tradition to go somewhere during the summer 2.) you can see and learn so much.

I first went to Guangzhou for a very short 3 days, but our schedule was so fully packed- it involved apartment hunting, shopping (not really), eating, seeing architectures, sweating buckets (believe me it was so hot) oh and waking up early- yeah, half-nine is pretty early for a person like me. Eating dim-sum was of course obligatory so we had a few lunches dedicated on those, and being a fashion-y student I had to visit Zaha Hadid's Guangzhou Opera House.

I posted a Travel Diary on my YouTube not long ago, I mean if you're too lazy to scroll down and see my photos you could just press play below ;)